Walking With the Lord

07-24-2016ChristLifeChristopher Walker

Last year was one of the most challenging years I have ever encountered, both professionally and personally. In addition, a physical disability from a previous surgery, was worsening and as a result my mental outlook on things was starting to waiver.

My relationship with my Pastor helped me turn things around in 2016 as my trials continued, but more importantly my relationship with Jesus Christ Himself strengthened me to push through these temporary stormy days. Father Tim searched me out with what I now believe to be an inspiration from the Holy Spirit, inviting me to be a facilitator for the ChristLife renewal program and I accepted.

ChristLife has helped me to become aware of Jesus's unlimited and endless love for me in the most intimate way. Bottom line, I always had faith in Jesus, however ChristLife has helped me to rediscover Jesus and to develop a personal relationship with Him. This relationship has strengthened my trust in God and has allowed me to let Him into my life more fully. As a result, this deepened relationship with Christ has allowed me to live anxiety -free, knowing that at the end of this world, Jesus will be with me. My experience in ChristLife has helped lift a huge weight off my should ers, reassuring me that Jesus, along with his Father, are walking with me ever step of the way. I can truly feel Jesus' presence, for the first time, walking stride by stride with me as I help spread His message.

To sum up my ChristLife experience, it has truly given me the insight to follow through with what I think is a foundational call: to understand how Jesus can help me and others, by opening my mind and my heart to a closer relationship with Him. I am now better equipped to be a devout ambassador for Christ on this earth.