Putting Jesus First

07-31-2016ChristLifeLynn Ragno

I have been a parishioner at St. Magdalen's for over 20 years. Like many of you, I was very busy during those years, raising my three children with my husband, trying to keep 'all the balls in the air' – trying to live the life of a good Christian, but often putting the Lord on the back burner.

I would like to invite you to join me and so many others for the 'Discovering Christ' event. I can promise you, when you put Christ first and foremost in your life, amazing things begin to happen! All it requires is dedication to Him, good listening skills, and patience…something very lacking in all of us. If you make the commitment, share your heart, and patiently listen, He WILL open your heart and mind in ways you never dreamed possible.

Please join us for ChristLife beginning September 20Evangelization and Mission. If you're thinking"that's not for me," then, it is EXACTLY FOR YOU. You have nothing to lose and so very much to gain.