Revival in our Parish

07-10-2016ChristLifeDan Amabile

Last summer, Father Tim and Darrin, our pastoral administrator, approached me to consider leading the formation of ChristLife facilitators. I immediately knew this was the Lord's call to me. Knowing the impact the series of ChristLife will have on our parish, I immediately began to pray for the inspiration of the Spirit to lead us to the right people to form our inaugural facilitator group. He delivered.

As we began to meet and go through "Discovering Christ" together, I could see the impact the course can have on people's lives—no matter where they are on their journey. It's been a dream come true to use my gifts in leading the facilitators – and the Holy Spirit is moving mightily among us! ChristLife has provided an outlet for us to be open and vulnerable with each other. It's given us a unique venue to get to know each other, pray for each other and to delve more deeply into aspects of our faith that we knew, but never articulated. God is showing up in our group – and this group is on fire for the Lord. I am confident that come September, our Parish is going to see revival and renewal like it's never seen!

You may be struggling with an addiction. You may be lonely and out of hope. You may wonder what God's plan is for your life – or if He's really there and concerned about your problems, hopes and dreams. Maybe you think He only works in other people—people who are holier than you.

No matter where you are, if you're hungry for a deeper relationship with the Lord of the universe who created you and loves you with unending mercy, then I hope you'll make time to come to Discovering Christ in September. You'll meet a facilitator who's an ordinary person just like you, with fears, failures and faults – but who through faith-sharing is tapping into the power of the risen Christ in their lives. Get ready, and pray for a mighty outpouring of His Spirit here at St. Magdalen 's and in our Diocese. He's setting us ablaze to understand and practice what it truly means to be a disciple – a disciple who's on mission to lead others to become disciples too.