What is One Meditation I Could Pray When I Come to Adoration?**

06-26-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Below is a short meditation you could take with you and pray when you come for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:

Start by sitting or kneeling. Close your eyes or look deeply into the Blessed Sacrament before you. Repeat the Name of Jesus quietly in your heart again and again.

Say the following phrases:

  • Jesus, I believe that you are present here. -Increase my faith! (Repeat this invocation quietly to yourself several times.)
  • Jesus, I love you! You alone are love. You are real and eternal love-God the Father's love for us. -Set
    my love on fire! (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.)
  • Jesus, You are here present in the Eucharist. You remain in this bread of the Eucharist to be food for me
    and my life. In this silence you offer me Yourself. Thank You, Jesus, that You are here with me. Thank you,
    Jesus, that You desire that I be here with You.
  • Jesus, awaken in me the desire to be with You (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.)
  • Jesus, with a heart full of desire for You I invite You to come into my heart, into my soul, into my life, into
    my past and into my present! Come and take first place in my heart. I give my heart to you now just as it is
    now. You desire that my heart be completely clean, good, free, merciful, joyful, full of love, patience, and generosity. You wish my heart to become like Yours. Jesus, I desire this too.
  • Come, Jesus, and make my heart like Yours. (Repeat this invocation quietly within yourself.)

**Adore My Son With Your Heart by Father Slavko Barbaric, O.F. M.