Kathy's Story

06-26-2016ChristLifeKathy Behre

Have you ever felt that the burdens of the world were crushing you? That is exactly how I felt over the last four years until I was introduced to Christ -life. The anxiety that I was feeling because of my very stressful and overwhelming job were wreaking havoc on me. I couldn't sleep, I was fearful all the time and my Type 1 Diabetes was spiraling because of all the anxiety. I had a serious breakdown one evening leaving a late meeting and knew that things had to change. So, I turned to God. Although I felt that I was faithful, I did not feel that I had a real relationship with God. So I prayed.

Soon after that, a letter arrived in my mailbox from Father Tim asking me to consider being a facilitator for a new and exciting program called Christ -life. I thought, "Could this be it?" "Is this God offering his help?" So I attended the introductory meeting and decided to commit to the program. At the first meeting we were introduced to the videos that are shown during the Christ-life program. Well, they changed my life. They are so insightful and intelligent, funny and simple. The entire focus was about the meaning of life and having a relationship with God. It was about not just knowing about Jesus, I knew about him, it was about having Jesus in your heart. For the first time in my life I was having a real relationship with God. All the stress that I had been dealing with was lifted. I turned it over to God. I feel so much joy now. It is amazing how differently I handle every crisis. I now feel like I can face any adversity. God will provide and protect me. I finally feel His love and protection.