My Journey to the Church

05-15-2016Encountering ChristAnonymous

Although I was not raised in the Church I married a Catholic. I went to Mass on Sundays with my husband and children, refraining from going up for communion. I was intrigued by the person of Jesus but not willing to make a commitment to this way of life. It wasn’t until my daughter was in first grade that she asked me pointedly, “You say that God is important and that we need to do our prayers but why don’t you go up to get Jesus?” I was stumped and began to really ponder this question. I asked myself if I really believed that Jesus was Lord and Savior or was I just going through the motions? I realized I was afraid of disappointing my family, fearing that they might look down on me for converting to   another religion and it was only when I began to ask   myself what was more important: disappointing my family or accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior that I went through RCIA.

Despite my hesitancy to go through the process, it was a beautiful experience. I had wondered what the facilitators could possibly teach me about Jesus that I didn’t know? However, what I discovered through RCIA, was not only who Jesus is but what the Catholic Church is—I fell in love with the liturgy, the beauty of the Mass, the beauty of what we do in the Church.

Finally, the Easter Vigil arrived, the night I was to be received into the Church. I had been very nervous, fearing the attention which surrounds candidates, however after Confirmation I felt different; I experienced pure excitement and joy. That night my husband and I were up till 3 just talking. I felt so good; I was on such a Holy Spirit high. It was from there that I started going to daily Mass and I began to truly trust God, asking Him to guide me, to be like Mary instead of asking God to fulfill my plans. My openness allowed me to walk through the doors which opened for me, in the place I least expected it.