Do you know the different parts of the Mass?

04-24-2016Liturgy CornerCheryl Manfredonia

Each week we come to participate in the "source and summit of the Christian life" (cc1325). We are then called to 'go forth and make disciples'. To help us become more familiar with the structure of the Mass, over the next few bulletins we will look to the specific parts of the Mass and their Biblical references. But first let's have a brief overview of the Liturgy itself.

The two principal parts of the Mass are: the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist. These two unified acts of worship are our nourishment: first we are nourished by God's Word through Scriptural readings; second, we are nourished at the table of our Lord's Body, whereby we receive Holy Communion. Each of these two central parts of the Mass are flanked by two smaller parts: the Introductory Rites and the Concluding Rites. As I mentioned in a previous column, these two important bridges, transition us from the outside world. We come to pray; we leave to serve.

Our next column we will discuss:
Introductory Rites: Entrance / Veneration of the Altar / Sign of the Cross / Greeting / Act of Penance / the Kyrie / Gloria / Collect

Cheryl Manfredonia, Director of Sacred Music and Liturgy