Putting Jesus First

07-31-2016ChristLifeLynn Ragno

I have been a parishioner at St. Magdalen's for over 20 years. Like many of you, I was very busy during those years, raising my three children with my husband, trying to keep 'all the balls in the air' – trying to live the life of a good Christian, but often putting the Lord on the back burner.


The Seeds of Faith

07-31-2016Parish LifeEd Fleming

My grandfather first introduced me to Jesus and planted the seeds of faith. When I was younger I went to Sunday School and I heard the stories yet I did not feel any personal attachment to Jesus or to my faith. I learned about God, but I did not have a relationship with Him. So between the ages of 15-30 I was not part of a church. It was not until I met my wife Barbara, that I was re-introduced to church. She always loved the Lord and her faith helped me to come back to Him. I'm analytical and I seek to know why something is the way it is. Once I returned to church, everything I learned as a child made sense. As an older man, I began to realize how much I needed God, and how I couldn't do anything for myself. There was a peace and comfort in learning about Jesus, He is constant and I need that. He takes care of me. When I ask 'How can I pay this bill?' or 'How am I going to work this out?', He always comes through and takes care of my needs.

When I came here to St. Magdalen's in May of 1999, I felt loved, and accepted. Everyone here is an example, extending the love of Christ to others. Everyone here loves the Lord and wants to do His will and they have shown God to me.

Ed faithfully provides the parish with clean side-walks during the winter and heads our maintenance department.

What Has Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI Said About Eucharistic Adoration?

07-31-2016Eucharistic Adoration

"Go to…encounter Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist, go to adore Him in the churches, kneeling before the tabernacle: Jesus will fill you with His love and will reveal to you the thoughts of His heart. If you listen to Him, you will feel ever more deeply the joy of belonging to His Mystical Body, the Church, which is the family of His disciples held close by the bond of unity and love."
— Message to Young Catholics of the Netherlands (November 21, 2005)

Walking With the Lord

07-24-2016ChristLifeChristopher Walker

Last year was one of the most challenging years I have ever encountered, both professionally and personally. In addition, a physical disability from a previous surgery, was worsening and as a result my mental outlook on things was starting to waiver.

My relationship with my Pastor helped me turn things around in 2016 as my trials continued, but more importantly my relationship with Jesus Christ Himself strengthened me to push through these temporary stormy days. Father Tim searched me out with what I now believe to be an inspiration from the Holy Spirit, inviting me to be a facilitator for the ChristLife renewal program and I accepted.


Why Were the Divine Praises Originally Prayed, and When Are They Prayed During Adoration?

07-24-2016Eucharistic Adoration

The Divine Praises were originally prayed as a prayer of reparation for blasphemy and profane language. It is a sequence of acclamations blessing God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints. The prayer was composed by a Jesuit priest, Luigi Felici, in 1797. The Divine Praises are traditionally recited following Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. They are prayed by the priest (or deacon) and worshippers before Jesus Eucharistic (contained in the Consecrated Host) is returned to the tabernacle following Adoration.


Finding Strength Through Marriage Ministry

07-24-2016Parish LifeMegan & Daniel Carducci

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them (Matt 18:20)." This scripture passage defines why we chose to get involved with ministries in the parish. Working together with other parishioners allows us to see the light of Christ in each person and inspires us to lead holy Christian lives. Our first child, Joseph Robert (Joey), was born in March, and we want him to know God's love and witness the way other families make God the center of their lives.


Being Changed by Christ’s Presence

07-17-2016ChristLifeLiz Rainey

Tuesday night has become my favorite night of the week. It's my 'holy happy hour and a half.' On Tuesday night, I meet with my brothers and sisters of the ChristLife facilitators committee. We pray, share, listen to God's word, and discuss Christ in our life. What a joy it is to be with other children of God; our common bond is our love for God.


Celebrating Our Mother of Perpetual Help

07-17-2016Parish LifeLiezl Millian

The Filipino American Association of St. Magdalen's (FASTMAG) celebrated the feast day of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, on June 26, 2016. It was attended by 13 priests from the Diocese of Metuchen. A Mass was held, followed by a candlelight procession around the block of the Church and a dinner at the parish center. This year marks the 150th jubilee anniversary of being entrusted with the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help by the Redemptorist fathers. This jubilee year marks a moment of grace for all of God's people.


What Do the Images on the Portrait Hanging Outside of the Sacred Heart Chapel Mean?

07-17-2016Eucharistic Adoration

The Portrait of Our Lord was purchased as a gift by a family in our parish and donated to St. Magdalen de Pazzi Church.Father Tim blessed the image. It hangs as a reminder of the devotion our parish has to adoring Jesus’ Real Presence inthe Most Blessed Sacrament.

The image is an artistic proclamation of the Real Presence of our Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. It wascreated by Ron Parish of Adadx6 Images in Omaha, Nebraska (www.PortraitofOurLord.com). He put together four digitalphotos representing: the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament of theAltar.


Having Faith like Our Lady

07-10-2016Parish LifeBetty Calle

I grew up in Peru and the faith was very important in my family. My grand-mother was always sick when I was a kid but she still smiled and was faithful to prayer; she translated this to her children. She taught us how to accept suffering with joy.

As a teenager I attended the youth group in my parish, which was run by Salesian priests. Our meetings consisted of: prayer, singing, and catechesis. This strengthened my faith.


Revival in our Parish

07-10-2016ChristLifeDan Amabile

Last summer, Father Tim and Darrin, our pastoral administrator, approached me to consider leading the formation of ChristLife facilitators. I immediately knew this was the Lord's call to me. Knowing the impact the series of ChristLife will have on our parish, I immediately began to pray for the inspiration of the Spirit to lead us to the right people to form our inaugural facilitator group. He delivered.


Can I Pray to Our Blessed Mother While I am Before the Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration?

07-10-2016Eucharistic Adoration

In his book, 21 Ways to Worship: A Guide to Eucharistic Adoration, Vinny Flynn reminds us that devotion to Our Blessed Mother is very appropriate during Eucharistic Adoration because She leads us to Jesus always!

From his encyclical, The Church of the Eucharist, #57, Saint Pope John Paul II writes, "If the Church and the Eucharist are inseparably united, the same can be said of Mary and the Eucharist." Our Lady is always at the side of Jesus in the Eucharist.


Glorifying God Through Flowers

07-03-2016Parish LifeLorenzo Rojas

I grew up in Mexico in a town called Plan de Las Hayas. The patron saint of both our town and our Church was St. Isidore whose feast day is May 15th. We grew a lot of corn and coffee but it would get very dry so we would take the statue of Saint Isidore from the Church and process it around the town to get rain and after the 4th or 5th time it would always rain. Faith has always been important to me—in the community I grew up in and in my family. When I was a kid my grandmother used to tell me that I had to pray every day for the whole world, but especially for priests and nuns. She was charitable to the poor and she would tell me that to do something good for someone else means that God is smiling at you.


What Happens if I Fall Asleep While I am Before the Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration?

07-03-2016Eucharistic Adoration

In his book, 21 Ways to Worship: A Guide to Eucharistic Adoration, Vinny Flynn addresses the question of falling asleep while praying and adoring Our Eucharistic Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament in adoration. He reminds us that God is a Perfect Father who loves us unconditionally and constantly. If we desire to be before Our Lord in adoration but fall into sleep, Our Loving Father would not be upset or angry with us. He will continue to pour His graces into our resting heart.


Becoming Aware Of Jesus’ Presence

07-03-2016ChristLifeRegina York

In February I attended an information meeting for ChristLife. After the introductory presentation we were asked to prayerfully consider how we might get involved. As the crowd started moving, I very clearly heard a voice in the back of my head saying, "Go be a facilitator". No way, I thought. I already have way too much on my plate with work and family obligations. Let me find something else. Then I realized that God had another plan for me. It was like there was a magnet pulling me towards the facilitators group. My initial hesitation was rooted in fear, and fear does not come from God. I knew that somehow I would find the time to make it work.


Answering God’s Call

06-26-2016Parish Life

This past February, Sister Mary Veronica of the Cross, O.P. made her Solemn Profession at the Dominican monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary, in Summit, New Jersey, but Sr. Veronica's journey did not begin in a cloistered monastery but with-in the walls of St. Magdalen's Church. Her family has been part of the parish community for three generations. Her parents, Ray and Bertha Gessner brought their daughter to be baptized at St. Magdalen's at its former location on Park Avenue, as an infant. Veronica participated in the 'Moms and Tots' playgroup sponsored at the Church and attended the St. Magdalen's Pre-school. Veronica's faith was enriched by the life of the parish through summer bible camps, youth group, and by participating in two parish sponsored trips to World Youth Day in both Toronto, Canada and Cologne, Germany.


What is One Meditation I Could Pray When I Come to Adoration?**

06-26-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Below is a short meditation you could take with you and pray when you come for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:

Start by sitting or kneeling. Close your eyes or look deeply into the Blessed Sacrament before you. Repeat the Name of Jesus quietly in your heart again and again.


Kathy's Story

06-26-2016ChristLifeKathy Behre

Have you ever felt that the burdens of the world were crushing you? That is exactly how I felt over the last four years until I was introduced to Christ -life. The anxiety that I was feeling because of my very stressful and overwhelming job were wreaking havoc on me. I couldn't sleep, I was fearful all the time and my Type 1 Diabetes was spiraling because of all the anxiety. I had a serious breakdown one evening leaving a late meeting and knew that things had to change. So, I turned to God. Although I felt that I was faithful, I did not feel that I had a real relationship with God. So I prayed.


What Short Prayers Could I Pray When I Come to Pray Before the Blessed Sacrament in Eucharistic Adoration?

06-19-2016Eucharistic Adoration

When you come for a visit with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament you could use the following two prayers at the beginning of your visit. The third prayer could be prayed before you leave.

Prayer of Adoration
I adore you Jesus, true God, and true man, present in the holy Eucharist, kneeling before you and united in spirit with all the faithful on earth and all the saints in heaven. In gratitude for so great a blessing, I love you with all my heart, for you are worthy of all praise and adoration. Lord Jesus Christ, may I never offend you with my lack of love. May your Eucharistic presence refresh me in body and soul. Mary, Mother of the Eucharistic Lord, pray for me and obtain for me a greater love for Jesus. Amen.


What Are the Two Eucharistic Miracles That Took Place in Lanciano, Italy? (Part 2)

06-12-2016Eucharistic Adoration

The Second of the Two Eucharistic Miracles of Lanciano, Italy:

God our Father longs to increase our faith in His Son's Eucharistic Presence still here on earth. There are many miracles of the Eucharist in Church history. One such miracle took place in Lanciano, Italy. This town's history is closely related to the crucifixion of Jesus.


What Are the Two Eucharistic Miracles That Took Place in Lanciano, Italy? (Part 1)

06-05-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Here is the First of the Two Eucharistic Miracles of Lanciano, Italy:

God our Father longs to increase our faith in His Son's Eucharistic Presence still here on earth. There are many miracles of the Eucharist in Church history. One such miracle took place in Lanciano, Italy. This town's history is closely related to the crucifixion of Jesus.

In John's Gospel it says: The soldiers therefore came; and they broke the legs of the first, and of the other that was crucified with him. But after they were come to Jesus, when they saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs. But one of the soldiers with a spear opened his side, and immediately there came out blood and water. And he that saw it, has given testimony; and his testimony is true; that you may also believe. For these things were done, that the scripture might be fulfilled: "You shall not break a bone of him." And again another scripture said: "They shall look on him whom they pierced." John 19:32-37


“The Almighty has Done Great Things for Me.” —Luke 1:49

06-05-2016Encountering ChristSr. Barbara

I grew up in a Catholic family and attended a school run by Franciscan sisters. These sisters instilled in me the desire to love God, through their witness. I would always see them praying their rosary or making a visit to the Church during lunch time. Their love for Jesus stirred in me the desire to love Him more deeply. The Archdiocese of New York had a custom of inviting two children from each Catholic school to wear the habit of the religious community which taught them. I was one of the children whom the sisters chose.


Father Mauricio's First Mass

06-05-2016Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family,

This past weekend was a high point for our parish and for our diocese. Bishop Checchio ordained three men to the priesthood of Jesus Christ, one of them, Father Mauricio Tabera who has served as a transitional deacon here at St. Magdalen's. It has been a great joy for me and our whole community to get to know him, support him and pray for him along the last steps of his journey to the priesthood.