Eucharistic Adoration: Becoming Like God

08-28-2016Eucharistic Adoration

They say you become like the top five people whom you spend the most time with—but what if one of those top five people was Jesus, present in the Eucharist? Then we would seek to love what He loves and reject what He rejects (sin); we would begin to love our neighbor as Jesus loves them—for their own sake and not for what we can 'gain' from them. Jesus desires to make our hearts like His. In Adoration we pray to become like God, but the best way to love is to simply love.

We become like God by loving what He loves—He loves us, He loves every human being He has created. We become like God by loving how He loves—no strings attached, unconditionally, for their own sake. By doing so we will be able to look beyond ourselves and to behold the beauty of Christ in our neighbor.

If you desire it, He will give you His Heart. Come be with the Lord.

Why Having a Relationship with Christ Matters

08-28-2016ChristLifeMarie Bacino

I was born and raised in the Catholic faith, but never really felt close to Jesus. I knew that He loved me, but I hadn’t experienced a true “relationship” with Him. Having a relationship with someone means that you open yourself up to them. You can receive friendship and love,but you also can become vulnerable, and get hurt. It takes caring and effort to have a true relationship with someone, and that can scare people away from even trying. I think I was scared of having a relationship with Jesus. I think I felt that I was unworthy, or not good enough to love Him the way that He loves me. I thought that it would take a lot of work and that I had to be the “perfect” Catholic. I asked myself “Would He reject me?”


Practicing the Corporal Works of Mercy

08-24-2016Parish LifeSue Sabol

This past June, St. Magdalen's parish made concrete steps to practice the corporal works of mercy: providing food, housing, and fellowship for those in need in Hunterdon county, through Family Promise.

In 2005 Sr. Pat Vayda, the former head of St. Magdalen's social ministries, asked me to take over Family Promise, a n initiative which provides temporary housing for individuals experiencing financial hardship. Being part of Family Promise has opened my eyes and my heart. I have been blessed with so much; to meet young people who have absolutely nothing just breaks your heart.


God’s Merciful Love

08-21-2016Encountering ChristPete Dillman

It took an illness of sudden onset and subsequent months of confusion, agony, remorse, suffering and deep reflection and prayer to realize just how far away I was from Jesus and how desperate I was for God's Mercy in my life. The fact that I am still alive and grateful to be so is – in large part – due to an awakening in me that allowed His Mercy to permeate my soul.


Seeking Deeper Understanding

08-21-2016ChristLifeJonathan Hosler

In September, our Parish will introduce 'Discovering Christ' as part of ChristLife; a seven-week opportunity to awaken your relationship with Christ. This past February, I responded to an invitation to come and learn about ChristLife and to consider becoming a small group facilitator.


Eucharistic Adoration: Receiving Christ’s Peace

08-21-2016Eucharistic Adoration

Peace is normally defined as an absence of war, violence, or disturbance. We experience a lack of peace not only in our world, but often within ourselves, yet Jesusoffers His peace to His followers—but what does the peace of Christ “look like”?

Jesus came, not only to take away anxiety, fear, and confusion in our hearts but also tofill us with His life. We experience peace in Adoration because there is an absence ofnoise and distraction but we experience the peace which Christ offers, because Jesus ispresent there. Our problems do not go away, but we recognize that Jesus is with us inour struggle.

Eucharistic Adoration: Effects in My Life

08-14-2016Eucharistic Adoration

What happens when you come before the Living God—hidden under the appearance of bread yet truly present, nonetheless? Wonder and Awe

Awe is an overwhelming feeling of reverence, or admiration produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like. This feeling usually overcomes us when we behold something outwardly majestic but when we experience wonder and awe in front of the Blessed Sacrament it is, not because we see outward grandeur but rather because we come face to face with the humility of God—because He has hidden this majesty from our eyes. We experience wonder at, not only the fact that He His present, but that He continually chooses to be so.

Prayer: Lord God help my heart to discern your presence in the ordinary—in the beauty of nature, in my neighbor, but most especially in the consecrated host. May this realization fill my heart with deep love and reverence for your presence everywhere. Amen.

Called to Mission

08-14-2016Parish LifeKenzie Lane

Growing up I attended noon time Mass every Sunday with my dad. I attended high school at North Hunterdon and met some great friends who encouraged me to join and volunteer at the Rescue Squad when I was 16. I've been hooked on helping others ever since.


Letting the Lord Lead

08-14-2016ChristLifeSharon Oddy

When I first heard about ChristLife and learned that they wanted me to be a facilitator, I was confused. I am religious and I am raising my family in the Catholic faith – as I was raised – but I am extremely busy with my life, work and family. And, while I am deeply faithful, I didn't know what level of spiritually was needed to be a successful facilitator; I wasn't sure that I was the right person. Quite frankly, I knew others, who I felt were much better suited to carry this message.


God Never Gives Up on Us

08-07-2016ChristLifeMichaelyn Hein

A few years ago, I developed a very intimate relationship with Jesus. Through God's grace, I discovered in amazement that a regular person like me could have a real relationship with Him. I marveled when I heard His voice and at the ways in which He tended to my tiniest needs.

But, then, for many reasons, I pulled away. When I felt an urge to pray, I turned to something "worldly" instead, because praying was suddenly too difficult. Eventually, I felt so far from Jesus that I wasn't sure how to return. I wanted His very real presence in my life again, but I believed I'd lost my chance. That He had rightly given up on me.


What is the Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that is Often Prayed After the Divine Praises at Adoration?

08-07-2016Eucharistic Adoration

The Litany of the Divine Praises are prayed once Benediction, the special blessing from Jesus Himself, has concluded. In many churches, once the Divine Praises are finished, the priest or deacon will also lead the worshipers in a prayer that honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus:

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in the most Blessed Sacrament be praised, adored, and loved with grateful affection, at every moment, in all the tabernacles of the world, even until the end of time. Amen

Holy Scripture reminds us that our Lord Jesus Christ is still among us. Listen to the words from John 1:14: "The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth."