Putting Jesus First

07-31-2016ChristLifeLynn Ragno

I have been a parishioner at St. Magdalen's for over 20 years. Like many of you, I was very busy during those years, raising my three children with my husband, trying to keep 'all the balls in the air' – trying to live the life of a good Christian, but often putting the Lord on the back burner.


Walking With the Lord

07-24-2016ChristLifeChristopher Walker

Last year was one of the most challenging years I have ever encountered, both professionally and personally. In addition, a physical disability from a previous surgery, was worsening and as a result my mental outlook on things was starting to waiver.

My relationship with my Pastor helped me turn things around in 2016 as my trials continued, but more importantly my relationship with Jesus Christ Himself strengthened me to push through these temporary stormy days. Father Tim searched me out with what I now believe to be an inspiration from the Holy Spirit, inviting me to be a facilitator for the ChristLife renewal program and I accepted.


Being Changed by Christ’s Presence

07-17-2016ChristLifeLiz Rainey

Tuesday night has become my favorite night of the week. It's my 'holy happy hour and a half.' On Tuesday night, I meet with my brothers and sisters of the ChristLife facilitators committee. We pray, share, listen to God's word, and discuss Christ in our life. What a joy it is to be with other children of God; our common bond is our love for God.


Revival in our Parish

07-10-2016ChristLifeDan Amabile

Last summer, Father Tim and Darrin, our pastoral administrator, approached me to consider leading the formation of ChristLife facilitators. I immediately knew this was the Lord's call to me. Knowing the impact the series of ChristLife will have on our parish, I immediately began to pray for the inspiration of the Spirit to lead us to the right people to form our inaugural facilitator group. He delivered.


Becoming Aware Of Jesus’ Presence

07-03-2016ChristLifeRegina York

In February I attended an information meeting for ChristLife. After the introductory presentation we were asked to prayerfully consider how we might get involved. As the crowd started moving, I very clearly heard a voice in the back of my head saying, "Go be a facilitator". No way, I thought. I already have way too much on my plate with work and family obligations. Let me find something else. Then I realized that God had another plan for me. It was like there was a magnet pulling me towards the facilitators group. My initial hesitation was rooted in fear, and fear does not come from God. I knew that somehow I would find the time to make it work.


Kathy's Story

06-26-2016ChristLifeKathy Behre

Have you ever felt that the burdens of the world were crushing you? That is exactly how I felt over the last four years until I was introduced to Christ -life. The anxiety that I was feeling because of my very stressful and overwhelming job were wreaking havoc on me. I couldn't sleep, I was fearful all the time and my Type 1 Diabetes was spiraling because of all the anxiety. I had a serious breakdown one evening leaving a late meeting and knew that things had to change. So, I turned to God. Although I felt that I was faithful, I did not feel that I had a real relationship with God. So I prayed.