Counting Your Blessings

06-21-2020Eucharistic Adoration

I will offer you a sacrifice of thanksgiving and call on the name of the Lord.”—Psalm 116:17

Eucharist means thanksgiving. When we go to Mass we are offering God a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving for all that He has done for us and all that He continues to do. In a special way Eucharistic Adoration is also a prayer of thanksgiving. When you find it difficult to pray or do not know what to say to God why not count your blessings? Try to think about the ways God has blessed you today, in this week, in this year. Once you begin to recognize the many ways God is already blessing you, your heart will overflow with praise.

He Made Us

06-18-2020Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration is an encounter with the living God, it is a moment when we allow Him to affirm the truth that He made us and He desires that we exist. He desires that we might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). The answer to every question which pours forth from the human heart is love. We come to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to understand, to be healed, to be free. We come and we place our needs before Him, for ourselves and for those whom we love. Yet at base, what we are truly seeking to ‘know’ is that we are loved by God. He affirms this by simply remaining with us, with calling us to Himself. Jesus’ love is deep, pure, and strong. He not only created you, He desires you. Jesus thirsts for you. May we come to Adoration to express our deep love and thirst for Him.


06-07-2020Eucharistic Adoration

“We Love Because He First Loved Us.”—1John 4:19

In prayer we allow Jesus to love us. Our desire to love Jesus is in direct proportion to our recognition of His great personal love for us. This is why looking at God’s action in our lives, both in the past and presently, is so important. If God continually reminded the Israelites of old to remember His works, it was to fortify them in the truth that He loved them and would always provide for their needs. When we look at our own lives we too can see how time and again God has provided for us superabundantly. The more we recognize how much God has loved us, protected us, and guided us, the more we will grow in our love for Him since gratitude is the beginning of love. May we continually go to prayer to receive love so as to make a return of love.

What Can We Offer to Jesus?

05-03-2020Eucharistic Adoration

What can we offer to Jesus when we come before Him in Eucharistic Adoration? Praise for who He is and thanksgiving for what He has done. We can also express repentance for our sins and can trustingly intercede on behalf of others. According to St. Teresa of Avila, prayer is “taking time frequently to be alone with him who we know loves us.” When we come to the deep realization that God loves us, we will automatically feel prompted to show forth praise and thanksgiving. We will seek to avoid anything which could separate us from God and will seek to draw others to Him as well. In Adoration we come to God with all that we have and we are loved in return.

What is That Story About Saint Clare of Assisi and the Blessed Sacrament Exposed?

04-26-2020Eucharistic Adoration

On a Friday in September of 1240, at the convent of San Damiano in Assisi, Italy, Muslim Crusaders threatened the Poor Clares. Saint Clare defended the sisters with a monstrance. At the time, St. Clare was too ill to walk. St. Clare prostrated herself and prayed to the Eucharistic Lord to protect His handmaids. She had her sisters help her confront the invaders while she held the Blessed Sacrament in a silver and ivory case high in the air. When the attackers saw the courage of the sisters in the presence of the sacramental Eucharist, they were filled with fear and fled back over the walls they had scaled at the start. The sisters were left in peace.


How To Pray Like Jesus

04-19-2020Eucharistic Adoration

“Jesus withdrew to a deserted place to pray.”—Luke 5:16

The book of Genesis describes how God worked for six days, creating the heavens and the earth and how on the seventh day He rested. Likewise, Jesus spent His days ministering to the crowds, feeding the hungry, and healing the sick, yet He drew His strength by frequently taking time to be alone with His Father in prayer. Jesus teaches us that in order to be fruitful in ministry, in order to “be” for others we must first receive love and strength from God our Father in prayer. In Eucharistic Adoration we too can take time to be alone with God—to allow Him to fill us with His strength and His love. The love we give to others is only what we have first received from God. In Adoration we receive the grace necessary to be faithful and fruitful for the Kingdom of God.

How do I make a Holy Hour?

03-22-2020Eucharistic Adoration

The most important thing to realize about making a private Holy Hour is that we don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary. We don’t have to say any particular prayers, or read, or sing, or anything else. All we have to do is be present to the One who is present to us. We are present in body and with our hearts. We come to the Blessed Sacrament in a loving awareness of who is present. We can just be silently present without analyzing, thinking, or saying prayers with our lips. Even a few minutes of this loving, silent presence to the Lord is a precious treasure. In this silence, the Lord speaks to us and we are showered with His mercy, love, and graces. If after an initial period of silent adoration we feel a desire to pray, or read, or write, we simply do so as we feel led each moment. Many people read scripture, spiritual leaflets, or spiritual books. Many also pray the Rosary or traditional prayers.*


Q & A

03-01-2020Eucharistic Adoration

“Come to Me all you who are weary…” Matthew 11:28

How Can I Make Better Use of My Time this Lenten Season?

Consider visiting a nearby church in the area of your work or come to St. Magdalen’s during the day or after work. Spend a few quiet minutes before the Tabernacle.

"The Sacred species reserved in the Tabernacle is to be adored because Christ is substantially present!” Imagine, time alone WITH Jesus!! What better use of anyone’s time, even if only for a short while?