Encounter God

Are you seeking to deepen your relationship with God in your life? Do you hear Jesus inviting you to, "Come and follow Me?" At St. Magdalen’s, we strive to lead everyone who walks through our doors to a personal and living relationship with Jesus Christ. We have come to know and experience that it is from this encounter that you can find the happiness that comes from knowing who He is in your life. As disciples of Christ, we gather together to encounter the love of God that sets us free from the burdens and trials of life.

There are various opportunities to discover Jesus Christ present here among us. Please see the links below for more information.

Mass and Confession Times

Come join us as we gather in fellowship to celebrate the Lord's Supper, the Eucharist.

There is nothing so great as the Eucharist. If God had something more precious, He would have given it to us.

St. John Vianney

WednesdaySep 19

  • 9:00 am Mass

    † Alan Wright

  • 7:30 pm Mass(Spanish)

    † Peter Swasay

ThursdaySep 20

  • 7:00 am Mass

    † Nicolas Turtola

  • 9:00 am Mass

    † Edward Collison

FridaySep 21

  • 7:00 am Mass

    † Rev. Carl Merzena, Anthony Pannella

  • 9:00 am Mass

    † Joseph & Helen Kiss, Charles Leotta

SaturdaySep 22

  • 8:00 am Mass

    † Thomas Werner

  • 5:00 pm Mass(Vigil Mass)

    † Richard Sepe

SundaySep 23

  • 7:30 am Mass

    † Ryan Sopko, Veronica Apr

  • 9:00 am Mass

    † Rosella Assante, Teresa Scotto Di Luzio

  • 10:30 am Mass

    † The Deceased Members of the Mausser Family, Luz Maria & Tobias Arrieta

  • 12:00 pm Mass

    The Parishioners of St. Magdalen’s

  • 1:30 pm Mass(Spanish)

    † Tony Tornabene, Natividad Carrello

MondaySep 24

  • 7:00 am Mass

  • 9:00 am Mass

TuesdaySep 25

  • 7:00 am Mass

  • 9:00 am Mass

How do I encounter Christ in the seven sacraments?


Come and receive the love of Jesus in the seven sacraments through which we encounter the transforming grace of God. These fountains of grace are special occasions for directly experiencing Christ’s saving presence in our midst.

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Interested in participating in the Liturgical ministries?

Liturgical Ministries

At St. Magdalen’s, there are many ways for you to participate in the liturgical and music ministries during Sunday Masses and other feast days throughout the year. Our Commission for Sacred Liturgy and Worship helps ensure every Mass is reverent, radiantly beautiful and is a foretaste of heaven!

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Would you like to join others for prayer, study and fellowship?

Walk the Road with Jesus

As followers of Jesus, we are called to seek truth through a life centered in prayer and study so that we can continue His mission. Join us as we walk the road with Jesus.

Learn More about prayer, study and fellowship

What is Eucharistic Adoration and when is it?

Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus Christ our Lord is present Body, Soul and Divinity in the Holy Eucharist. Eucharistic Adoration is a doctrine of the Church which comes from the earliest times.

St. Francis of Assisi, who was never ordained a priest, had a great personal devotion to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. It was Francis' faith in Christ's real presence which inspired a whole new tradition among religious communities of women. Convents had the Sacrament reserved for adoration apart from Mass and Holy Communion.

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