2018 Parish Updates

01-06-2019Weekly ReflectionRev. Kenneth Brighenti

My Dear Parishioners,

Many of you have admired all the wonderful projects that have been completed at St. Mary Magdalen's this past year. This is due to the generosity of people like you who have donated towards certain items or projects. Our Church and Parish Center could have never been worked on without your generosity. In addition we had fundraisers such as plant sale, bird house sale, Trivia night (proceeds that we used towards the church) and Bag Bingo, which helped Our Lady of Hope House. Many other items have been given over the past 1½ year ranging from sanctuary chairs, missal stand and sanctuary lamp to new altar cloths and dalmatics and our beautiful Sanctuary Angels.

These restricted donations were all above and beyond people's regular weekly or monthly contributions. The funds were donated as "restricted " for specific purchases and did not come from our ordinary income. I continue to be edified by our parish's weekly gift to the Lord. The collection pays for our regular weekly operating bills.

If you would like to make a restricted charitable donation to St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi church restoration project, it would be greatly appreciated. In the future, I would like to redo every pew and kneeler in the Church and change the rest of the flooring. In addition, I know our bathrooms need updating and this is on my priority list. This can only be achieved by your donations above your regular giving. So please think of a year-end tax credit and donate a restricted gift to your parish. Also, planned giving to your parish will benefit the church in years to come, so please consider this as well.

Parish Center:

  • Foyer- Walls, Floor : A bequest
  • Ceiling– The Rinaldi Family
  • Gym– Floors were stripped and refinished and Walls painted: Donations from the Ministries; The Knights of Columbus, The Hispanic Community & The Filipino Association
  • Heating & Air Conditioner– Replace the 2 units; This came from a donation from a non-parishioner, The St. Hillaire Family


  • New Altar- A generous parishioner
  • Mary and St. Joseph statue and altars - Two generous parishioners
  • New Baptismal Font (coming in soon) - A generous parishioner
  • Floor: The Taranto and Fadule families, towards the center aisle floor, (projected completion January 2019)
  • Sanctuary: Special thanks to the Mr. and Mrs. Richard Creter of Flemington Granite for donating the marble that adorns our altar.
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Image: Hispanic Community St. Mary
  • Magdalen de Pazzi painting: In memory of a deceased family member

The Rosary Altar Society, Knights of Columbus Filipinno-American Apostolate of St. Mary Magdalen, the Hispanic Community all gave towards the restoration of the Church.

In addition, we received a bequest in which we have put it towards the ceramic tile floor and the new pew frontals.

Our Lady of Hope House:

  • Furnace: Replaced; using proceeds from Bag Bingo

As we end the year 2018 we, as a parish, have a lot to be thankful for. And may the blessings of Almighty God, who cannot be out done grant you health and happiness in the New Year.

Father Brighenti