Why Should I Commit to a Specific Day and Hour Every Week to Come to Eucharistic Adoration?

04-15-2018Eucharistic Adoration

In every loving relationship there is a desire to spend time with the person with whom you are involved whether it is in a friendship, a courtship, a marriage, or a family. We schedule the time for dinner together or a cup of tea or a date night. Our desire to be with that favored person drives us to keep that time together without interruptions because we want to show the importance of the person to us.

The get together helps us share our lives with the person, to get to know them better or on a deeper level, or just to be wit h them and pay them attention and receive their attention in return. The same is true of our relationship with the Living Christ. He longs to be with us.

Our great blessing at St. Magdalen de Pazzi Parish is that Jesus is available for us in the Blessed Sacrament exposed for extended hours during the day till the late evening Monday through Friday. Many of us look at our schedules and do fit a visit with Jesus into our plans. He is delighted when we drop in to be with Him. And, it is wonderful, but it could be even more rewarding.

When we schedule one specific hour to be with Jesus in adoration every week on one specific day of the week, many believe Jesus anticipates that visit. What does it mean to anticipate? It means to feel excited, hopeful, or eager about something that is going to happen. We anticipate our visit with Jesus. As the week goes on we may even be preparing what we want to share when we do come that day of the week at that exact time. In many ways, Jesus is probably preparing for us too because He knows we will be there on that day at that time.

It is a conviction of our hearts to make our Holy Hour with Jesus a priority in our weekly schedule in this committed way. Does it take sacrifice? Yes, it does, but like any sacrifice we make for Our Eucharistic Lord, He rewards us a thousand-fold because Jesus' generosity cannot be outdone!