Surrender Your Life to Jesus

11-13-2016Encountering ChristJohn Yanuzzi

I would like to share the life experiences which led me to develop an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. In 1989 I struggled to deal with the loss of my Dad. I began to search for answers to life's questions, but I looked in the wrong places. I sought after worldly pleasures to fill the void in my heart, eventually hitting rock-bottom. One evening as I was flipping channels, I came across a TV Evangelist.

As I gazed at the screen I heard him say five words that would greatly impact me: "Surrender your life to Jesus." I fell to my knees in tears; I felt the Lord was opening the eyes of my heart. A journey of healing and an awesome walk with Jesus began. Each day I would attend Mass and receive the Eucharist. The Eucharist provided me with spiritual nourishment and strengthened me to face my daily challenges. Yet, as I continued on my journey, my relationship with Jesus was tested. In 1999 my 15-year marriage came to an end. Once again I began searching for answers, this time at the Altar of God. It was through this trial that I began to read the Bible daily. It took five years to work through the pain of divorce but God used this suffering to give me a new perspective on His mercy and providence. I began to discover that only Jesus could take my pain, suffering, and brokenness and turn it into strength, hope, and joy. My faith was tested again in June of 2015 when I experienced the sadness of a broken relationship. As I prayed and reflected on this painful loss, the Holy Spirit directed me to attend Eucharistic Adoration and to become a committed adorer. During adoration I poured out my feelings to Jesus and the healing process began again. The Eucharist provided the peace my heart was yearning for; adoration enabled me to place my relationship with God as the highest priority. In closing, I encourage everyone to come to Eucharistic Adoration. Please come and spend 20 minutes with Jesus. No matter what you are experiencing in your life He will use your situation to draw you closer to Himself. Come to the Jesus, the King of Kings and He will bring hope and light to your life.