An epidemic in Hunterdon County

10-09-2016Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

In my homily this weekend I spoke about an epidemic in Hunterdon County Did you know that Hunterdon County Heroin overdosesreported in 2015 rose 333% compared to 2014!

Remember what the lepers said today in the gospel reading? "Jesus, Master." They recognized Jesus Christ as their Master, the one who can relieve them of their suffering. My prayer and works with people who are addicted is the hope that they can turn away from the current 'master' in their lives, addiction, and turn towards thereal 'Master' in life, Jesus Christ.

If you know of someone who struggles with addiction please know that St Magdalen's is a place where the 'door is open wide' so they can be consoled with the Love of God. Call us so we can walk with them or you.

- Fr Tim

Heroin Facts
80% of heroin users reported using prescription opiates prior to using heroin. However; heroin
users tend to be frequent users of multiple substances (e.g. marijuana, cocaine, alcohol). *

What is being done in our community?
Safe Communities Coalition of Hunterdon/Somerset created an educational documentary called
From Pills to Heroin, a 13-minute film that educates the community. The film is available by

Faith: personal prayer, seek out faith leaders, support groups within places of worship.
Coping Skills: classes such as Strengthening Families, Unifying Families, Stress Reduction, Life Skills, etc. – gain coping and communication skills to manage life's stressors.
Counseling: Student Assistance Counselors at schools (SACS). Visit NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services: njsams.rutgers .edu/dastxdirectory/txdirmain.htm.