1/2 teaspoon of Desire - 1cup of Devotional Prayer

11-15-2015Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Magazine racks, internet ads and Pinterest presently are being filled with 'announcements' of wonderful Holiday recipes. Beautiful pictures, flavorful spices and marketing that can make just about anyone desire the perfect Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Once past the emotional nostalgia of the ten second fantasy, when you really start to dive into the recipe, you come to realize that there will be time needed for significant preparation. I have often found myself thinking I have the ingredients needed at home but then find out I don't have the Mullin Spice or Wallsail Spice Blend (now who keeps that as a regular spice in the cabinet!...not me).

So proper preparation is important, in fact it is one of the most known themes for Advent. Did any of you see advertisements or announcements in the grocery store for Advent? Obviously not, right? Just as it is important to properly plan for a great holiday recipe, Catholics use Advent as a time to properly prepare our Hearts and Homes for the announcement of the Messiah at Christmas. Have you been reading those Encounter Christ stories in the bulletin?

So often in these stories I hear ways that Jesus has been announced in someone's life, either through a personal experience or a significant person. In the Gospel of Luke during Advent we will experience the announcement of the coming of Jesus through John the Baptist. Christ is being announced everyday in our lives, we just have to properly prepare ourselves to either see or hear it.

So often after mass people come up to me and share their life experiences not realizing how impactful it is for me. Every time someone shares a story it strengthens my own personal faith in God. How wonderful would it be if you were to do the same for all the other parishioners? You do have a story that announces Christ and can impact someone else's faith. Why do you think the Church continues to tell the story of Jesus? Because it impacts our personal faith journey to transform our hearts and become disciples of Christ.

I have a recipe that cooks for Two Thousand Four Hundred minutes

To be exact that is 40 hours! Maybe you don't have 2,400 minutes for this recipe but how about 90 minutes. What if I asked you to help me create a meal that cooked for 40 hours and your part is only 90 minutes. Could you help me? It involves the easy part of preparation, which is putting the ingredients into the bowl. I will provide for you all that is needed for the recipe!

As community we will start this recipe of the 40 Hour Devotion on Sunday Nov 29. Please see the complete schedule in this bulletin. I encourage you with all my heart to get to know the heart of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Come and learn to spend quiet time in adoration. Please also prioritize our Evening Prayer and guest speakers. Your 90 minutes of preparation will strengthen the recipe of faith that is being developed inside you. As that cooks, your life will become 'a fragrant aroma well pleasing to God' (Phillippians 4:18), one that announces to others "Prepare the way of the Lord" because Christ will be announced in your life today!

Fr Tim