Open this Door so Others May Walk Through It

11-29-2015Weekly Reflection

We have been taught it is respectful to open the door for others, to hold the door for others and allow others to pass through first. Our faith is very much the same.

As disciple's of Christ we are called, in and through our baptism, to go forth sharing our faith. We do this in many ways especially with people present in our lives; friends, relatives and even sometimes the stranger. Every time we share our faith we open a door.

When you open a door for someone, now you must hold it open.

In faith this can happen through a conversation, an openness of always being there to listen or even with an invitation. When we open a door it is an active invitation for the person to walk through. Pope Francis does this in many ways. In the Year of Mercy document "The Face of Mercy", he says "May the message of mercy reach everyone, and may no one be indifferent to the call to experience mercy. I direct this invitation to conversion even more fervently to those whose behavior distances them from the grace of God."

How many times has a door been open for you?

Passing through a door leads you. Many people during this time of year find themselves walking through more doors seeking "Holiday" deals in department stores, grocery stores and specialty shops. What about the door in this picture? There are many reasons to increase your foot traffic through this door in the next few weeks.

Sunday, November 29 Advent 40 Hours begins
Tuesday, December 8 Solemnity of The Immaculate Conception
Friday, December 11 Vigil Mass for Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Saturday, December 12 Advent Confessions
Sunday, December 13 Advent Confessions

Gaze through the door in the picture for a moment. What do you see?

When you approach the door maybe you will open it for someone or just maybe someone will be opening the door for you. Everything you need is right there waiting for you. When you walk through the door bring your questions, tell God what it is that you seek and when you knock on the door may your heart be open to hear His word. It is through this door that you will find the best deal in town!