How I Encounter Christ

10-18-2015Weekly ReflectionSr. Pat

Over the past several years at St. Magdalen’s many graces and blessings have come to me. Two or three years ago I was feeling burdened and came into church and looking at the Crucifix I said to the Lord, “This is too hard”! In my heart I heard Jesus say, “So you think this was easy!” My eyes filled with tears and I told the Lord I was sorry for complaining. What a grace moment that was!

My ministry at Hope House has many needs. One day after Mass a man gave me some money. He said he had prayed to St. Joseph and his prayer was answered so this was to help someone. That day a woman parishioner came needing money to buy a TV for her husband who was in a nursing home. The Lord knew and had already provided for it!


October is Respect Life Month

10-11-2015Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family,

There are many competing voices about what "dignity" really means.

October is designated by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to be a time specially dedicated to "Respect for all Life." Central to being a follower of Jesus is to promote the dignity of every person. This is obviously a great challenge in our day for lots of reasons. There are many competing voices about what "dignity" really means like, both at the earliest stages of life in the womb and also at the vulnerable end stages of life during old age or terminal illness. As followers of Jesus we have a unique and life giving message that we must never grow tired or be bullied about being silent; namely that every life has meaning and value.