How I Encounter Christ

10-18-2015Weekly ReflectionSr. Pat

Over the past several years at St. Magdalen’s many graces and blessings have come to me. Two or three years ago I was feeling burdened and came into church and looking at the Crucifix I said to the Lord, “This is too hard”! In my heart I heard Jesus say, “So you think this was easy!” My eyes filled with tears and I told the Lord I was sorry for complaining. What a grace moment that was!

My ministry at Hope House has many needs. One day after Mass a man gave me some money. He said he had prayed to St. Joseph and his prayer was answered so this was to help someone. That day a woman parishioner came needing money to buy a TV for her husband who was in a nursing home. The Lord knew and had already provided for it!

Although I have always prayed to Mary, the Consecration to Mary has had special graces for me. Preparing to renew my consecration this year I realized that being formed in Mary’s womb Jesus, God showed His trust in her. Should I not trust her?

In my prayer each day, I pray to take Jesus hand and have Him help me through the day. Now I have Jesus on my right and Mary on my left!

I try to live, “Jesus I trust in Thee.”Do I always trust? Sometimes I get anxious and afraid and then I turn to Him. It takes courage, faith and trust but I remind myself that, “Jesus loves me.” A word from Jer. 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before You came to birth I consecrated You.” Let us all remember what he said to Jeremiah, He says to us!

On another note, Our Lady of Hope House, where I minister is the yellow ranch house at 85 Bonnell St. across the street from the church. This ministry seeks to bring Hope and to those who come. Each Tuesday from 11AM-1PM faithful volunteers pack food for those in need in our parish. As many as 85 families are served, so food, funds, and volunteers are always needed. During the week people come to seek help, a listening ear and prayers. If you would like to volunteer or have questions, call me at 908-782-2342.

May God Bless You all. That is my prayer.
Sr. Pat