We Want To Know About Your Encounters with Christ

08-02-2015Weekly ReflectionFred Proulx

One of my tasks as Director of Communications here at Saint Magdalen's is to help us find creative ways of sharing the gospel message. That is why, in bulletin articles over the last two weeks, we have been exploring what it means to have an "encounter" with Christ. An encounter of this kind is truly transformative, calling us out of ourselves and into a deeper connection with Christ and others.

We want to know about your encounters with Christ. Please send a 200-250 word document to me, Fred Proulx, along with your photo, to be shared in upcoming bulletins. My email is fproulx@stmagdalen.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Recently, Jennifer Prickel sent in her reflection of what it means for her to encounter Christ.

"He who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen." —1 John 4:20

I have often heard it said that Jesus is in my neighbor, that He resides in the soul of each person I come into contact with, and of course this is true. But it is not always easy to see Him. Of course it is not challenging to see the face of Christ in the saints, and even in souls striving to be more like Jesus everyday; but what about 'sinners', those whose fallen nature is so very clear to us? How can we see Jesus in them? This has been a question which has really puzzled me for many years. But when I look at the sacraments, it makes more sense. God is hidden, not just in people but under the appearance of bread and wine, simple things made from the fruits of the earth. He comes to us in the form of bread because He desires to feed us; He comes to us in the form of wine to quench our thirst.

In the same token, Jesus also reveals Himself in the many different souls whom He has created. At St. Magdalen's, Jesus has been revealed to me in singular ways. In our Pastor I have encountered the Jesus who is compassionate. In many souls I have encountered the Jesus who is suffering. In my 7th grade CCD students I have encountered the Jesus who is longing for communion. No one person can reveal the whole Christ, but we as a body reveal different aspects of who Christ is, to the world. To the one with eyes to see, Jesus is everywhere. He is in the beauty of nature, He is present in the Eucharistic species, yet He is also present in the broken humanity of each member of our parish family, including my own. How beautiful Jesus is! How grateful I feel to be able to love God through loving my neighbor, because I need something tangible to love.

Jennifer Prickel