New Pastoral Administrator

06-07-2015Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family:

It is my joy to announce to you the hiring of Mr. Darrin Nelson, who joined our parish staff as of June 1st. Darrin will be in the position of Pastoral Administrator and will work collaboratively with me to accomplish the parish goals of evangelization through the administration of the pastoral council, commissions and ministry development.

Darrin comes from a rich background of pastoral experience. After working for 2 years in the Diocese of Metuchen, beginning in 2000 with the office of Youth Ministry, he transitioned to St. Charles Borromeo Church in Skillman, NJ, where he eventually became the pastoral assistant. He holds a Master of Arts degree in systematic theology from the College of Saint Elizabeth and has worked on diocesan initiatives for ministry development in parishes, including: pastoral ministries, men's ministry, marriage preparation, pastoral council, ethnic diversity, disability ministry, website development, RCIA, liturgical ministry, and bible study.

When asked about his greatest vocational goal, Darrin said that his hope is "to develop a greater sense of mission within the ministries. I want to help parishioners understand what the vision of St. Magdalen's is, and how that functions in the parish life; ultimately, I want to help people have a deeper relationship with Christ."

Darrin Nelson brings to Saint Magdalen's his deep love for the Catholic Church and sense of evangelism. He recently recounted how the spiritual calling and influence of Saint Paul has been ever more present in his life. "I admire who Saint Paul was, with his determination to go into the unknown communities of Gentiles and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. These communities would eventually launch the Catholic Church. I, too, have a great zeal for evangelization, to go into a parish community and inspire a greater understanding of who Jesus Christ is."

Darrin also shared with us some of his favorite Biblical passages. He referred to Luke 24:13-35, commonly referred to as The Road to Emmaus, saying "We, as a church and as a parish community, are walking together on the road to Emmaus, trying to discover who Jesus really is. It is here that He will reveal Himself to us." Darrin also mentioned Mark 10:46-52, the passage in which the blind Bartimaeus receives his sight. "When Jesus asked Bartimaeus what he wanted, he already knew that Bartimaeus would ask for his sight back. The Lord Jesus knows what we want and need on the superficial level. More than that, he knows the true desire of our hearts, to be one with God."

Darrin current lives in Hillsboro, NJ with his wife, two sons, and one dog.

Please introduce yourselves when you see him, and join me in welcoming Darrin Nelson!

In the Eucharistic Lord,
Father Timothy Christy, Pastor