Corpus Christi

06-22-2014Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family:

If you think of everything you do every day in order to be healthy, how long would your list be? I think for many of us we know we should do more than we actually get done. It could be eating right and exercise, personal hygiene, laundry, cooking organizing and investing in personal relationships. If we let anything go for too long, it catches up with less than happy consequences.

Today we celebrate “Corpus Christ Sunday” or “The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ” this feast came into existence precisely at time in history that people were losing their personal faith and devotion to the great truth that in our Mass, the very presence, body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ is made present for us. It is our “daily bread.” Yet too often we human beings can go stale in our fervor. We can take spiritual things for granted because we don’t perceive their immediacy like we do our physical needs. If we don’t eat for day, we know it. Believe me I’ve tried it. I feel weak, irritable and tired. The same is more true in our spiritual dimension. However many people think it is possible to get by without Mass, because they are spiritual people. It’s ironic how true the statement is and how badly applied is the conclusion that the most spiritual activity we could do is commune in the flesh with the living God is somehow “not necessary.” There is a spiritual maxim: the more we grow in our spiritual lives, the more we recognize our sinfulness and the things that must change in our lives. The Bread of Life, that is Jesus is the source and summit of orienting us to holiness of life and helping us to put everything else into perspective.

This weekend let us ask for increased faith to truly believe that what we eat and drink at Mass is the Body and Blood of Christ. Let us pray that we will pass on this great faith to our children and grandchildren. One way we can do this is to participate today in our out door procession of the Blessed Sacrament after the 12:00 Mass. This ancient tradition of processing the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ onto our parish campus and receiving his blessing at the designated stops provide a beautiful emotional witness to what we believe.

I also encourage you to come to daily Mass this summer. Perhaps you will have a schedule that will provide you the time to come. It will change your life. Guaranteed. Start to come one or two days a week and see for yourself how powerful it is to receive Christ on a week day and how different your day will be.

I also encourage you to come and pray before Christ in the Eucharist on Fridays. This special time of prayer is known as “Adoration.” It literally means to give oneself in profound respect, reverence and worship. Adoration is reserved to God alone. We grow spiritually healthy and strong by spending time in adoration of Christ. Please plan to come even for a short time and see how Christ wants to touch and be with you!

Finally, I want to alert and invite you to a special event next week end. We are privileged to have the Final Profession of Religious Vows for Sister Mary Catherine, OP at our 12:00 Mass. Sister Mary Catherine is one the Dominican Sisters who many of us see and know that comes to the 10:30 Mass. She has been in formation these past five years in preparation to give herself to our Lord in perpetual religious vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. You are all invited to attend that Mass and experience the rich and ancient Rite of Profession. Please keep Sister Mary Catherine in your prayers as she spiritually prepares for this life orienting event in her life.

Please keep me in your prayers this week. I will be away from the parish serving as Chaplain to a Theology of the Body Intensive Head and Heart Immersion Course in Pennsylvania. I will have the opportunity to pray and spiritually guide almost 70 men and women, religious, seminarians and priests who are coming to learn more about the beauty of the Church teachings on human sexuality in the dynamic key of the Theology of the Body. Please pray for me and all the participants of this great life changing event.

In the Peace of Jesus the Bread of life,
Father Tim