Parish Center

05-18-2014Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family:

I'm happy to invite you to a parish meeting for anyone interested in touring our present Parish Center and to hear a brief presentation on the needs and potential plans of the building. As many of you know, the building is aging, built in 1974, it has never had any significant improvement over the past 40 years. This is presenting us with a number of decisions that must be made to responsibly address the deteriorations and end of life issues of several vital systems. It also presents us with the challenge of how it could be used more effectively in the future.

While we have a number of organizations, ministries and events that currently take place in the Parish Center, we also need to ask the deeper question of how can this building serve the heart of the mission of the parish for the next generations? This is a visionary question that I wish to consult you about.

We are in the initial stages of working with an architectural firm to begin to work with concepts that will then allow us to develop the best possible use of the current space with our needs and vision for the future.

I would very much like to hear your suggestions. I plan to hold a brief information meeting in the Parish Center on Saturday morning May 31st at 9:15 am, which will be right after the 8:30 daily Mass. If you are not able to be present but would like to offer suggestions, you are most welcome to either put them in writing and mail them to me or drop them off at the parish office. While not every suggestion can be made a reality, it does help a great deal to canvas the parish in the initial stages of planning to get the "pulse" of the people on this topic, and to raise awareness of the needs.

Ultimately, our parish exists to echo Jesus call: "Come and Follow me." Everything we do somehow must make it clear that we are here to get more involved with our Catholic way of life and therefore to be a service to faith, family and community. Flemington should be a better place because St. Magdalen de Pazzi is a vibrant community of Christ's disciples who are willing to make a difference in everything that we do. Our buildings should support programs, events and organizations that celebrate life, comfort the afflicted and offer hope to the lost.

Please keep our parish in your prayers.
Father Timothy Christy