First Communion

05-04-2014Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family:

I love the springtime for so many reasons. Nature shows in dramatic form what God wants to do for each one of us in our heart. That is the reason why Sacraments of Initiation happen during the Easter Season and on a Sunday.

Easter Sunday is the Center of the Church year and every Sunday is a "little Easter." We celebrate the Resurrection and keep in mind that this day needs special significance in our week. If we don't mark any special time during our week, everything looks the same. We forget that God orders our lives. We think its all up to us. Ultimately, life becomes very boring without Sunday as a special day. Try to reclaim Sunday as a family day. Try to reach out to someone who is left alone on Sunday and visit them or invite them to your home. Pope Francis continually asks us to go out of our comfort zones to find where life sad, depressed and lonely. We might need to just look in our own families. Perhaps all the frenetic activity that families can get involved in with so many complicated schedules actually takes people into more isolation rather than into an experience of loved, recognized and cared for. We definitely need more quality time with those who love us and depend on us.

Finally, this week end we celebrate First Communions at our Sunday Mass. This is an opportunity for the whole parish to witness God's love for these children. He brings them into His family, the Church, to call Him Father. They will be nourished by the food that the world cannot give them.

Let us pray for all of our children and their families today and make a new commitment in our own heart, not to take Holy Communion for granted. Let us resolve to receive Christ as often as possible and to prepare our heart to receive Him with love and devotion, not simply as a rote routine. Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to pray after receiving Communion "Jesus I love you, I love you, I love you."

Keep the Easter Faith Alive!

Father Tim