2nd Sunday of Advent

12-08-2013Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family;

These past days of Forty Hour devotions were meant to help each of us to hear that call once again and to recognize that the Lord Jesus is persistently and lovingly knocking at the door of our heart for greater access to our lives. I encourage all of us to increase our time of daily prayer.

If at all possible, make daily mass a priority. You will discover the changing power of God's Word at Holy Mass. Make plans for a good and complete confession; our parish Penance service will be next Sunday, December 15 at 7:00 pm. It will not be possible to truly be open to the power of Christmas, unless we examine our hearts and let go of our sinfulness. Perhaps our mediocrity or laziness or greed or lust or perverse anger needs to relinquish to the Bridegroom who the Church cries out "Come Lord Jesus".

This coming Monday is the great Feast of the Immaculate Conception. This is an important day to realize how much God loves us. He loved Mary to the very core of her being by preparing her to be the Mother of Christ and our mother, by not allowing any sin to touch her soul from the moment of her creation. This great act of love can greatly help us to know that all things are possible with God and His love. I look forward to praying with you on Mary's Feast!

Thank you to the students in the Religious Education program for decorating cards and placemats, and bringing food items for the Thanksgiving meal. Also, thank you to our parishioners who selflessly donated their time and resources to come together to serve over 1000 hot meals to those most in need. Know that all of your gifts are truly appreciated for advancing the mission and ministry of the Kingdom of God here in Flemington. I look forward to a peaceful and grace-filled Advent journey with you all. Please know of my continual prayers and affection for you and all you do to make St. Magdalen's a special place to live the Gospel.

Come Lord Jesus!
Father Tim