Christmas is coming……

12-22-2013Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family,

As we prepare these last few days before Christmas let us keep in mind the big picture…that is, Christmas was never meant to be just a day, but rather a lifestyle. Christ came to change the world, one heart at a time. He came for you and me. We really need Him.

He comes to us every day in so many ways… through the gift of life. We are alive because of God's will. No one is an accident or a mistake. God gives you life because He has chosen to make you and to send His Son to save you.

He comes to us through nature…the world all around us was created by God and is here to point our hearts to the God who fashioned it all. He made it for us as a reflection of His glory.

He comes to us in one another…He gives us other believers so we won't lose our way in times of discouragement and temptation. We need the believing community of the Church to stay centered in God.

He comes to us in the power of the grace of the Sacraments….His Holy Spirit lives in us mysteriously through Baptism and Confirmation and every time we receive Holy Communion, when we go to confession and confess our sins, when we lie sick and dying in need of healing and the grace the Oil of Anointing.

He comes to us as a baby, born of a human mother, so we will not fear to come close and pick Him up and accept Him into our lives…

This Christmas prepare to make holy New Years' resolutions…

To be Cheerful when I am not in the mood to see anything good.

To be Patient when everything seems to be going wrong.

To get up and get going, when I want to give up and quit.

To keep Silent when I want to criticize and gossip.

To remember my past sins, when I want to be self-righteous.

To kneel down when I want to stand on my own two feet.

This Christmas welcome Christ more completely than ever before! I look forward to celebrating with all of you this Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

In the Peace and Promise of the New Born Christ, Father Tim