Evangelization & Adult Catechesis

11-17-2013Weekly ReflectionLyn Anderson

Dear Parish Family,

St. Magdalen de Pazzi Commission for Evangelization and Adult Catechesis serves a mission of proclaiming the gospel to all people. This mission is broad based: it applies equally to those who do not know Jesus; to Catholics who have perhaps cooled or drifted from a life of prayer and Sacraments to the extent that they have become less than vigorous in their friendship with Jesus; and to steadfast faithful Catholics who could use rejuvenation and strengthening of their life in Christ.

Currently two commission activities are well established, and two are in their initial formative stage.

One of the signature activities the Commission regularly sponsors is Scripture study. We are excited to present the Winter/Spring study "Psalms" beginning January, 2014. In addition, "Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Lively Virtues" with Fr. Robert Barron will commence in February as our Lenten study. Please visit www.stmagdalen.org and the bulletin for additional information in December and January. Certain Bible study programs are repeated as more people come to realize the value of Sacred Scripture as being fundamental to understanding their faith. In the future we hope to add new courses in Church History and the Epistles of St. Paul.

RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a journey or process of conversion leading to the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation and apprenticeship into the Christian way of life. At present 8 adults and 14 children (ages 8 to14) are in formation.

The Planting Seeds/Greeting Ministry provides a welcoming greeting to all attending 5pm Vigil & 10:30am Sunday Mass. As their ministry continues to grow so will their visibility at the other Masses.

Our newest initiative is Marriage Ministry. This ministry is established to support the Sacrament of Marriage as it is lived by married couples within our parish and is chaired by Deacon Stephen and Rosemary Kern. The planning team met for the first time this past week. We look forward to sharing in the fruits of their efforts.

We are continually searching for effective programs to engage and catechize our community. Be our eyes and ears! With the extensive media resources and written material that is available today, commission members welcome and encourage your thoughts and ideas for consideration. The commission has and will continue to sponsor presentations by nationally noted Catholic figures, such as Dr. Edward Sri. For the future we are exploring lectures by exceptional Catholic speakers which will resonate with both adult and young adult members of our parish community. Through an enhanced website and other means of communication we also want to provide avenues for self study and individualized learning, thereby extending the resources of personal faith formation with greater flexibility as to time and location.

We have all been enriched by the special graces that have been poured out by our Lord Jesus Christ during this Year of Faith. I invite all parish members to avail themselves of these extremely valuable and rewarding parish sponsored faith programs. As apostles through our Baptism, please extend an invitation to neighbors and friends to join you as fellow travelers in a shared faith journey. In our mutual effort to energize the faith of both self and neighbor, let us keep in mind the counsel of St. Peter: "Always be prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you..." (1 Peter 3:15)

God Bless, Lyn Anderson