First Holy Communion

05-12-2013Weekly ReflectionFr. Jack O’Kane

Dear Parishioners,

With the end of CCD a week and a half ago, summer quickly approaching and the Easter season drawing to a close, it seems the parish is already beginning to slow down. The summer months are typically less busy at the parish. There are fewer ministries that are active. The choir takes a break for the summer. Mass attendance begins to drop. The parish begins to slow down but we must ask ourselves "Why?"

While we look forward to vacation from work and school in the summer, we most certainly don't take a vacation from Almighty God. After all, He never takes a vacation from His promises to us. Besides, the months of May and June offer some beautiful opportunities for spiritual growth and devotion. Last week and this week our Second Grade classes received their First Holy Communion and having them make their First Communion at Sunday Mass helps to remind all of us just how essential the Eucharist is to our faith and our salvation. Do you remember your first Communion? The excitement and innocence that we possessed back then is recalled by seeing these children at Mass. I want to thank the parents of these children for honoring their commitment to Almighty God and teaching their children the faith. I want to thank their Catechists, as well as Bridget, Maggie and Marlene for all their hard work in preparing the children.

May is also a month dedicated to honoring the Blessed Mother. As we celebrate Mother's Day this week, honoring our moms and all that they have done and continue to do for us let us not forget to honor our Blessed Mother and her most powerful intercession. During the month of May it is tradition to remember Mary, the Mother of our Lord and our Mother. St. Magdalen's has a growing group that prays the Rosary every week day morning at 8:30AM before the 9:00AM Mass. This is a wonderful way to remember our Mother in heaven throughout the month of May. FASTMAG also sponsors the novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help every Wednesday at 5:30PM. As we recognize our earthly mothers, let's remember to call on our Heavenly Mother for her assistance in our spiritual journey.

In June we celebrate Corpus Christi – The Most Precious Body and Blood of our Lord- and the parish will once again worship and honor our Lord with a procession of the Blessed Sacrament around the parish campus. Last year was the first year for our parish Eucharistic procession and the turnout was overwhelming. So many parishioners took part in the procession despite the extremely warm temperatures. It was a spectacular day for all that participated.

Truly, any day we have a chance to spend with our Lord or receive Him in the Eucharist is a blessing for us. Even though the summer months are a time of relaxation, recreation and vacation it is not a time for us to skip Mass or take a break from God's goodness to us.

On a personal note, with Fr. Tim's return from his studies, I want to thank everyone for their prayers, support and encouragement throughout the year. You were very uplifting to myself and Fr. Joseph and it is greatly appreciated. I want to especially thank the parish staff for their great efforts. You make St. Magdalen's a wonderful place to serve as a priest.

God bless,
Fr. Jack