Merry Christmas!

12-23-2012Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family,

I am happy to be back in Flemington! When I arrived and saw the grounds of the Church all decorated for the season it filled me with a sense of warmth. The familiarity of the buildings, the rectory, the people, it is a great place to call home. It is home because of the spirit of the people here. I appreciate all of your kindness, patience and support while I have been away studying these past few months. But it is really good to be here!!

I'm glad to hear of so many stories of the good things that have happened this Fall. The Food and Music Fest, the Thanksgiving Dinner, Forty Hours of Devotion, Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration just to name a few big events. I also know and hear about so many other day in and day out things that have to get done that no one notices until it doesn't happen. Gratitude acknowledges the fact that gifts are everywhere.

I'm grateful to Father Jack and Father Joseph for their priestly gifts and leadership. They guide us by their commitment to the Lord and their generosity of spirit. I'm grateful for our deacons, our religious sisters, Geoff and Regina and all the staff, religious and volunteers who make sure so many things get done so that we may cooperate and work together for one another, especially the Lord. I am very much aware that life in a parish requires so much good will, hard work and dependence on God.

Now in these last days before Christmas, let's resolve to let Christ work His miracle of grace in us. We need Christmas to live again in the wonder of God's love and that His mercy is never exhausted. He lets us have this Christmas to bring us the Good News of knowing that we are not forgotten, that His plan is in place and we are part of His plan.

I look forward to seeing you over these next days. May these last days of Advent remind us to turn to Him and be radiant with joy! He comes to set the world right, by beginning in our own heart!

Peace and Prayers,
Father Tim