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11-25-2012Weekly ReflectionRegina Edersheim

Dear Parish Family,

I am writing this letter the Thursday before Thanksgiving due to the early holiday deadline given by the bulletin company. Although this may not be an easy time for many people due to the storm, financial hardship, family conflicts or loneliness, I pray that you were able to give thanks to our almighty God for that which you have and our Catholic faith. At a recent weekday Mass, Father Joseph preached that we are most happy when we give thanks.

I am preparing to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family. This is my holiday to host for the last 20 years which I thoroughly enjoy. It has become a tradition for my family to stay overnight on Thanksgiving and enjoy a special breakfast together the following morning. We are able to slow the pace on Thanksgiving Day. There is no rush to get through dinner and dessert, or to get back on the road. It allows us to linger at the dining room table, play board games, and watch a football game or just talk. I am truly blessed. I want the day, their visit, the meal and the breakfast to run smoothly so I am busy making my endless “to do” lists with household chores, menu, shopping list, etc. I try to be organized, think of everything and have everything under control until I stop and think... I have no control. It is when I realize this fact that I am able to hand my day over to God.

The prep for St. Magdalen’s Thanksgiving dinner is in process. We had absolutely no turkeys a week ago today. So many parishioners were simply in survival mode after the storm and did not have Thanksgiving Day on their radar so Father Jack reached out to the parish for assistance. Our staff is overwhelmed with the quick response of our parishioner’s generosity. Our freezers are nearly filled. One family offered to donate 20 turkeys. They may not be wealthy but are rich in love of God and his people. It has been my experience at St. Magdalen’s that whenever a request is made to our church family for assistance, they always respond. The same is true last year when we had a drive for increased offertory. Our parishioners responded! Thank you. Because of your generosity, services were not cut, Youth Group is going strong & we are able to do some much needed improvements on campus. Our Buildings and Grounds Committee recommended repairs to cracked and dangerous sidewalks on our parish grounds. It was also their recommendation to install additional handicap accesses to existing sidewalks and remove unsafe steps. In addition we are going to address an existing water problem next to our Parish Center that has also created severe cracking of sidewalks and possible future damage to the building. This project has been approved by Father Tim, our Finance Council, Building and Grounds Committee and the Diocese. These property improvements are scheduled to start the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Upon completion we will apply for a 50% rebate from the Diocesan Risk Management Program.

On a final note, I thank you for your witness of faith. Your belief in our Savor guides me on my faith journey.

May God bless you and your family,