New Evangelzation

10-14-2012Weekly ReflectionFather Jack O’Kane

Dear Parishioners,

This past Thursday, October 11th, kicked off the Year of Faith declared by the Holy Father to be a year for learning the richness and beauty of the Catholic Faith. Every Saturday night or Sunday we profess the Nicene Creed and we pray "I believe in…", and this Year dedicated to the faith is meant to be a time of reflection, prayer, observance, and promotion of the faith that we hold strongly at our core. Our parish and our diocese have many different opportunities during this year to help the faithful learn about the faith, and grow in their love and understanding of all the Church teaches.

St. Magdalen's does have many events going on that promote the faith. Our Bible Study programs are under way and many parishioners are enjoying learning more about the Sacred Scriptures. Our Youth Group is having an overnight retreat to help teen-agers learn how they can live out this faith we profess. We have Rosary groups, Novenas, Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament every Friday, as well as daily Masses. There are many ways the parish promotes the faith for any and all that are inter- ested. In addition to these, we will keep you informed of events and speakers the diocese will be spon-soring for the Year of Faith.

This past weekend was the National Life Chain. St. Magdalen de Pazzi parish was out in force praying for the sanctity of all life and for healing for our nation. The Hunterdon County Life Chain it is estimated, had over 250 participants with many of them coming from our parish. And all this despite the threat of rain, which did not come until later (Thank you Blessed Mother). As your priestI took great

pride to be serving here and to witness firsthand the tremendous response to this call to serve God's will. Keep up the good work because there is muchwork to be done.

Our national Presidential elections are only a few weeks away. I want to encourage every Catholic to vote. It is part of our faith that we participate in government. We have a duty to the state and Catholic Social teaching tells us that it is important that we participate. Jesus tells us, "Render unto Ceasar." That said, it is also important that we do not compartmentalize our faith. We are Catholics at alltimes

and we cannot take a break from our faith, not even for the few minutes it takes to vote. Bishop Lurie writes that there is no candidate that incorporates the entirety of Catholic teaching, however no faithful Catholic can morally support any candidate who promotes policies that are inherently evil such as abortion or euthanasia. One cannot be Catholic and pro-abortion. They are mutuallyexclusive.

The Year of Faith calls us to examine the faith and how we evangelize the world. This is exactly what Fr. Tim is studying – The New Evangelization. How do we bring this rich faith to the world and to those who have fallen away? I spoke with Fr. Tim last week and he is doing great in his studies, although he did say that the workload was quite heavy. For him to say that, it must be extreme. He is enjoying the opportunity to study and learn but he misses the parishioners here and he is praying for all of you.

In Christ,
Father Jack O'Kane