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Responsibilities of a Deacon: Proclamation of the Gospel

09-16-2012Weekly ReflectionDeacon Stephen Kern

Dear Parish Family:

When Fr. Tim left for his studies, he asked certain staff members to write the bulletin letters in his absence. I was very ex-cited to be asked to contribute, and so this is my first attempt. Actually, since I am writing in place of Fr. Tim, you could say that I am writing in persona Christy (credit to my son Kevin for that one).

Seriously, I would like to reflect a bit on one of the prime responsibilities of a deacon: the proclamation of the Gospel. The Gospel holds a special place in the Liturgy of the Word, that part of the Mass where we hear the Word of God. In the case of the Gospel, it is not just the Word of God, but words spoken by The Word, Jesus. The specialness of the Gospel is evident right from the opening procession of the Mass where the Book of Gospels is carried in by the deacon, raised high so that you have an idea of its significance. As he enters the sanctuary, the deacon places the Book of Gospels on the altar, signifying to the assembly that Christ - who will become present on the altar in the bread and wine - is already present in the Gospel.


We begin the Fall season with some major changes

09-09-2012Weekly ReflectionFather Jack O'Kane

Dear Parish Family,

As the Summer sadly draws to a close and September begins, life at St. Magdalen de Pazzi begins to pick up once again, and we begin the Fall season with some major changes. As students return to school for the year, Fr. Tim, our pastor, begins his fall returning to study the New Evangelization so he can bring this new information and new ideas to our parish and our diocese. We wish him great success on this endeavor. Please remember to keep him in your prayers during the year and know that he is praying for all of us as well.

Another change that will impact St. Magdalen de Pazzi, is the new assignment for Sister Christine Quense. Sister Christine was elected as Sister Servant for the Sisters of Jesus our Hope over the summer and has left our parish. Sister has been a great influence on so many people in the parish, especially on the youth, through her role as Parish Catechetical Leader. Sister has such a gift to impact lives by her great witness to God’s love which she shares naturally with those she meets and we were very blessed to have her in the parish for the past couple of years. Her obvious joy in the Lord, as well as her direction and support will be missed but we wish her God’s blessing in her new role.


I am anticipating my return to the parish with great eagerness

09-02-2012Weekly ReflectionFather Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family,

I am writing this letter only hours before my departure to Detroit. The last minute preparations are many. While I am used to encouraging everyone else to get ready for school, I had forgotten what it was like for myself!  I am deeply grateful for all the well wishes, prayers and gifts that you extended to me this past weekend, right up to the cake I received a few minutes ago after daily mass for a belated birthday! I feel very affirmed and grateful to God for you, my parish community.

As I spoke about this past week end, this will be a time of renewal and learning for me.  It will be a time of growing and cooperating with each other in the parish. I feel great confidence in the priests and deacons, the sisters, Geoff Stricklin, Regina Edersheim, our Pastoral Council and Finance Council, and the many good-hearted and zealous volunteers, stewards, and organizations here in the parish. We are indeed a vibrant community that truly wants more. I can sense the desire of our parish to grow. I am anticipating my return to the parish with great eagerness and the opportunity to share what I learn to enliven our parish even more.

The most important aspect of the New Evangelization is prayer. The Holy Spirit is in charge of conversion. God can and will do everything, but He has made us to cooperate with Him and to participate in the growth of the Kingdom of God. We must pray for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that the hearts and minds of people everywhere would become attuned once again to God. We can pray that if hearts become ready to receive His Word, that we might become the instrument or the witness to light the fire of faith. It is usually one person at time. So let us begin praying to the Holy Spirit now and doing all we can to repent, cooperate, and become docile to the promptings of the Breath of the Spirit.