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We begin the Fall season with some major changes

09-09-2012Weekly ReflectionFather Jack O'Kane

Dear Parish Family,

As the Summer sadly draws to a close and September begins, life at St. Magdalen de Pazzi begins to pick up once again, and we begin the Fall season with some major changes. As students return to school for the year, Fr. Tim, our pastor, begins his fall returning to study the New Evangelization so he can bring this new information and new ideas to our parish and our diocese. We wish him great success on this endeavor. Please remember to keep him in your prayers during the year and know that he is praying for all of us as well.

Another change that will impact St. Magdalen de Pazzi, is the new assignment for Sister Christine Quense. Sister Christine was elected as Sister Servant for the Sisters of Jesus our Hope over the summer and has left our parish. Sister has been a great influence on so many people in the parish, especially on the youth, through her role as Parish Catechetical Leader. Sister has such a gift to impact lives by her great witness to God’s love which she shares naturally with those she meets and we were very blessed to have her in the parish for the past couple of years. Her obvious joy in the Lord, as well as her direction and support will be missed but we wish her God’s blessing in her new role.

The parish wrapped up the summer with our Second Annual Music and Food Fest this past weekend and it was a great event. It is wonderful to watch a large parish like ours come together for a common cause, even just to have fun for a night. So many people contributed to the evening’s success. Carmela Kinney headed up the committee and even with all the work she does in the office she made time to organize this event. I want to extend a special thanks to her and her committee – Lorraine Bello, Ginnie Heller, Pete Vazquez, Remy Dixit, and Betty Garcia. I also want to thank the ministries that contributed to the evening’s success, FASTMAG, the Hispanic Community, the Knights of Columbus, the Homeschool Association, the Youth Group, the Children’s Choir and the Squires. The many hours of planning paid off and those who attended had a fun night so thank you to all who made it happen and to all that attended. I would also like to acknowledge the Boy Scouts who helped with the set up and clean up on Saturday.

The new school year also means that we have new classes of children preparing for Sacraments this year. Our Religious Education program will prepare our second graders for their first Penance and First Holy Communion and also prepare our eighth grade classes for the Sacrament of Confirmation. Our catechists do a wonderful job teaching and sharing the faith with the children, but this teaching must be supported in the home since parents are the first teachers of the faith.

As the new parish year begins, we also have the kick-off for the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. The Bishop’s Appeal goes to support our Bishop in many different programs that are essential to the diocese. St. Magdalens has strongly supported the Bishop’s Appeal in the past and we urge you to continue to support this important work once again. There will be more information on the Appeal in the upcoming weeks.

Please continue to pray for religious liberty. It is easy to grow tired or forgetful when nothing seems to be happening or moving, but we must remain vigilant in defense of our liberties. Also, please pray for the success of our parish and her mission in spreading the Gospel.

God bless you,
Fr. Jack