The birth of John the Baptist and the start the Fortnight for Religious Liberty

06-24-2012Weekly ReflectionFr. Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family;

This week end we celebrate the Birth of St. John the Baptist.  It is unusual to celebrate a birth of a saint in the liturgy.  We normally celebrate the death of a Saint because it marks their birth to eternal life; the fulfillment of all they worked.  It is also unusual that a Saint would be celebrated on a Sunday.  However this year June 24th falls on a Sunday and because of the importance of who St. John the Baptist is in his connection to pointing us to Christ, we honor his birth, even on a Sunday.

It is a reminder to us that God has a plan.  St. John the Baptist was marked out to prepare people for Christ.  He was the last prophet of the Old Testament and the first prophet of the New Testament.  He is the link from the plan God began in Abraham and brought to fulfillment in His Son Jesus Christ.  John the Baptist was convinced that one was to come after him who was greater.  He was aware of his part to play in bringing God’s plan further.

This is a good reflection for us as we start the Fortnight for Religious Liberty.  As Americans and as Catholics we have a part to play in this great nation.  We have a part to play in contributing to the nation as followers of Jesus Christ.  Our prayers and awareness of what is happening in our nation is critical.  We must ask God for the grace to continue to make known the need for religious freedom as our first most cherished right.  Without it, our whole nation is vulnerable to collapse and failure precisely because a nation is built on the strength of each person in its citizenry.  We need our conscience in tact and formed in order to know how to respond to the signs of our times and how to read what God is doing in our midst.  St. John the Baptist ultimately lost his life by witnessing to the truth of marriage.  He told Herod the Tetrarch it was not right to commit adultery with his brothers wife.  He was imprisoned and then beheaded.  There is always a cost in following one’s conscience, but it is the only way true glory; the only way to find God.

Please come to daily mass as often as possible these next two weeks to join in prayer for our nation as we unite with Catholics across the nation to protect religious liberty.

Let Freedom Reign

Peace and Prayers,
Father Tim