Star of Wonder, Star of night, Star with Royal beauty bright

01-08-2012Weekly ReflectionFather Tim Christy

Dear Parish Family: 

This week end we celebrate the great Solemnity of the Epiphany of Our Lord.  This is one of those ancient liturgical feast days that focus attention on the Christmas mystery of the “Word becoming flesh, and dwelling among us.”  However, the emphasis is not on the birth of the Savior, but rather the “revelation” of God in the flesh to the Magi or the Three Kings.  The Magi represent the nations of the world, who come in search of ultimate wisdom, who come seeking the “newborn king.”  They desire to worship the true king and abandon the relative powers of this world.  The wise still seek Him!  The persevering qualities of the Magi need to inspire us to set out to find ultimate truth in all ways to live our lives in this passing and changeable world.  During this Christmas season let us ask to be re-invigorated to respond to a deep relationship with “The Word made Flesh.”