Eucharistic Adoration: God’s Sense of Humor

10-29-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Prayer can be a mixed bag. Sometimes there is deep joyand peace, other times there is dryness and distraction.Yet God is always teaching us something even if Hismethod of teaching changes. God’s ways can seem, notonly mysterious but also ironic. We see God’s sense ofhumor most poignantly in the lives of the saints. InAbraham we see a man who was to be a great nation, yetis called to sacrifice His only son. In St. Therese we seea young woman who desired to be a missionary yet died in a cloister. Even in Our Lady, we see a woman called to be both Virgin and Mother. God transforms us littleby little. But often it is not in the way we would choose.God’s ways are not our ways.

Come let the Lord love you. Come be with the Lord.

Eucharistic Adoration: Accommodating Human Need

10-22-2017Eucharistic Adoration

God does nothing unnecessarily. While it is true that we can access God present in our heartsand through our prayer, there is something profoundly necessary about Euchar istic Ador ation.As creatures we need something tangible to ‘hold onto’. God accommodates this ‘need’ of the human heart by making Himself the Bread of Life. Wegaze upon Him with our human eyes and He gazesback. We can take God into our hands, into ourmouths, and into our hearts. God allows us to interact with Him on our terms. He is truly with us.

Eucharistic Adoration: God Waits

10-15-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus makes Himself present, not only in a far offplace like Rome, but at every Catholic Church inthe world. He waits, He longs, He remains. Jesus isfaithful to His promises. There is great comfort inknowing that wherever we might be, we know exactlywhere God is: the tabernacle. Jesus is always waiting for us to draw near Him—He even, in a sense, makes Himself a ‘prisoner’ for love of us. May we draw near every day to receive grace, healing, and peace.

Eucharistic Adoration: Hoping in Him

10-08-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Every day we encounter inconvenience, temptation,and the painful recognition of our own weakness.These struggles can often feel like more than wecan bear, so how can we stay afloat? In EucharisticAdoration Jesus strengthens us to 'do battle' and toview the difficulties of daily life as a participationin His Cross. Not only do we receive the vision tosee reality—but also the hope necessary to endurefaithfully to the end. God’s grace is sufficient.

Eucharistic Adoration: Feeling God’s Presence

09-17-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration can be compared to sun-bathing—wesit, receive, and are changed by simply being inGod’s presence. But what if you are distracted anddon’t feel like the Lord is doing anything for you? This experience of prayer could be compared to spending an overcast day at the beach. It may notseem like you are getting any sun, but if you leaveoff your sun-screen, you will soon feel how wrongyou have been.

God’s ‘rays’, just like those of the sun, still‘touch’ us, even if we cannot perceive them. Ourfeelings are not always in conformity with reality.Even if we experience distraction and restlessness—Godisstillatwork.

Feeling God’s Presence

09-03-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Our Feelings and Reality: Adoration can be compared to sun-bathing-we sit, receive, and are changed by simply being in God's presence. But what if you are distracted and don't feel like the Lord is doing anything for you? This experience of prayer could be compared to spending an overcast day at the beach. It may not seem like you are getting any sun, but if you leave off your sun-screen, you will soon feel how wrong you have been.

God's 'rays', just like those of the sun, still 'touch' us, even if we cannot perceive them. Our feelings are not always in conformity with reality. Even if we experience distraction and restlessness God is still at work.

Peace: Absence and Presence

08-27-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Peace is normally defined as an absence of war,violence, or disturbance. We experience a lack ofpeace not only in our world, but often within ourselves, yet Jesus offers His peace to His followers—but what does the peace of Christ “look like”?

Jesus came, not only to take away anxiety, fear,and confusion in our hearts but also to fill us withHis life. We experience peace in Adoration because there is an absence of noise and distraction but we experience the peace whichChrist offers, because Jesus is present there. Ourproblems do not go away, but we recognize thatJesus is with us in our struggle.

Love: What and How

08-20-2017Eucharistic Adoration

They say you become like the top five people whom you spend the most time with—but what if one of those top five people was Jesus, present in the Eucharist? Then we would seek to love what He loves and reject what He rejects (sin); we would begin to love our neighbor as Jesus loves them—for their own sake and not for what we can 'gain' from them. Jesus desires to make our hearts like His. In Adoration we pray to become like God, but the best way to love is to simply love.

We become like God by loving what He loves—He loves us, He loves every human being He has created. We become like God by loving how He loves—no strings attached, unconditionally, for their own sake. By doing so we will be able to look beyond ourselves and to behold the beauty of Christ in our neighbor.

If you desire it, He will give you His Heart. Come be with the Lord.

God Wants You

08-06-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Adoration is an encounter with the living God, it is amoment when we allow Him to affirm the truth thatHe made us and He desires that we exist. He desires that we might have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). The answer to every question which poursforth from the human heart is love. We come to Jesusin the Blessed Sacrament to understand, to be healed,to be free. We come and we place our needs beforeHim, for ourselves and for those whom we love. Yetat base, what we are truly seeking to ‘know’ is thatwe are loved by God. He affirms this by simply remaining with us, with calling us to Himself. Jesus’love is deep, pure, and strong. He not only createdyou, He desires you. Jesus thirsts for you. May wecome to Adoration to express our deep love and thirst for Him.

Battling Boredom

07-09-2017Eucharistic Adoration

Boredom and Distraction: Gateways to Peace

Does it seem scandalous to admit this-that you could find spending time with God to be less than enthralling? Yet so it is. Boredom can often be a real stumbling block in attending Eucharistic Adoration. But have you ever asked yourself why silence, why not having something to do, why just being 'with yourself' is so uncomfortable?

God not only speaks to us in beautiful thoughts and poetic prayers but also in our discomfort and…even in our distractions. Let Him speak to you by asking yourself these questions. By asking Him to reveal His truth to you.

Why Do Questions Arise in Your Hearts? (Lk 24:38)

07-02-2017Eucharistic Adoration

There is a big difference between questioning God and asking questions of God. This difference is illustrated veryclearly when we compare Zachariah, the father of John theBaptist, with Mary. Both Zachariah and Mary were in shock when the angel Gabriel told them that miraculous births would take place yet Zachariah was struck dumb andMary was blessed among woman, why? Zachariah’s questioning, “How shall I know this?” (Luke 1:18) camefrom a place of disbelief, his posture was one of skepticism. Mary’s questioning, “How can this be?” (Luke1:34) arose from faith seeking understanding. Mary approached God in a posture of humility and genuine inquiry. Whenever we approach, God and questions arise inour hearts we need not be anxious or fear that these questions show a lack of faith. On the contrary, we canmanifest our trust in God by humbly waiting for Him tospeak and to respond to the deepest questions of our hearts. May we approach Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament with the faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary.