Fr. Joseph's Farewell Words

Beloved parishioners of St. Magdalen, staff members and visitors,

Heartfelt greetings and peace!

I came as a stranger six and a half years ago to St. Magdalen's but I leave today as a friend to many people. Allow me to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the journey of faith we have traveled together, sharing the faith of Jesus our Savior. Sincere gratitude for your love, prayers, generosity, care, guidance, patience, meals (especially the carrot cakes), as well as smiling and laughing with me. If someone ever got hurt by my imperfections, I ask for forgiveness. A million thanks to Fr. Tim Christy for many things (he knows them)! I treasure the cordial relationships I have developed with many parishioners and the sweet memories that I keep within my heart. Thanks be to God by whose grace our paths crossed.

I came to St. Magdalen on January 5, 2009 when the Church celebrated the memorial of St. John Neumann and I will leave on July 31, 2015 when the Church celebrates the memorial of St. Ignatius of Loyola. No wonder Fr. Tim recently joked with me: "Fr. Joseph, you came with the Redemptorists and you are leaving with the Jesuits!" Guess what, these two saints are among my role models! I learned from St. John Neumann to practice Jesus' message: "Go and teach all nations," and from St. Ignatius to do everything for the "greater glory of God." Brothers and Sisters in Christ, as each one of us moves on in life, let us keep the faith in Jesus, share it with others, and entrust our unknown future to a known God. Let us continue to invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints. Let us pray for one another at least one "Hail Mary …" everyday. We are all God's sons and daughters as well as Mary's children. So, as "one hand washes the other," may we as "siblings" with the same Heavenly Father keep relating in love, peace, mutual respect and help one another on our journey to heaven.

I will greatly miss each one of you, but lovingly remember you. Thank you for coming into my life. Peace and God's blessings.

In Christ,
Fr. Joseph Kabali

A ustedes Comunidad Hispana les agradezco por su fe, esperanza, generosidad y apoyo. Gracias por contagiarme de su amor a Dios y a la Santísima Virgen, nuestra Madre Celestial. Me vienen lagrimas al dejarlos pero me llevo conmigo muchos y muy bonitos recuerdos de las cosas que compartimos juntos. Aunque mi partida no se compara en nada con la muerte, quiero identificarme con Moises que aunque no llego con el pueblo liberado de Egipto a habitar la tierra prometida siempre albergo y mantuvo la esperanza puesta en Dios, quien destinó a Josué para terminar la tarea que Moisés había comenzado. Yo tambien "como Moisés" guía de la Comunidad Hispana los dejo en las manos de Dios, de nuestro párroco y del nuevo sacerdote que tomará mi lugar. Los invito para que sigamos adelante amando a Dios y todos nuestros hermanos con los ojos fijos en el cielo donde esta la vida eterna y donde en alegría y paz alabaremos a Dios por todos los siglos. (Me encanta la canción "Mas allá del Sol x2, yo tengo un hogar.") Allí en "ese hogar" espero verlos de nuevo a todos.

Con cariño fraterno,
Padre José "El Negrito"

Contact information for Father Joseph:
Saint Bernadette Church
20 Villanova Road
Parlin NJ 08859
Tel. 732-721-2772 (w)
908-751-9375 (h)

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